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The global coal markets are facing the prospect of how to balance supply to demand in a world where Europe – and other major importers – no longer take Russian coal. In this webinar, McCloskey experts – newly part of OPIS, a Dow Jones company – discuss what the ban means, how global trade will realign, and if the move will set up an extended period of high prices.

  • How will market players in Europe react?
  • Will there be a shortage of coal?
  • Will that shortage even be in Europe or might it end up being in a completely different part of the world?
  • And what about the energy complex generally?
  • Does this increase Europe’s risks around gas availability?
  • Does this prolong coal use as Europe scrambles for power supply?
  • Does this change the investment prospects for coal?
  • And what does it mean for steel?
Coal markets – and commodity markets generally – are searching for a new normal that will likely be around for years. Please join us to hear our views of what that new normal looks like.

Your Presenters

Dr. James Stevenson
Executive Director, Coal, Metals  & Mining
McCloskey by OPIS

Nick Trevethan
Editor, McCloskey Coal Report and Newswire
McCloskey by OPIS


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