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In late 2021, the world is treading a wholly new path, with markets figuring out – mostly on-the-fly – how to move on from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with the ongoing China-Australia trade war, the net effect for global coal markets has been low inventories, strong demand and supply disruptions.

In this webinar, our market experts discuss what they expect during the remainder of the year and in 2022:

  • How will the northern hemisphere winter look? Will stronger supply help inventories recover or will electricity shortages impact coal markets globally?
  • Is current strong demand really indicative of things going forward? How did a commodity that is soon to be in decline get so short? Is this a sign of things to come?
  • Will there be government and market reactions to the current power shortages that impact the medium and longer terms?
  • What will prices do in 2022 and later years?
  • Is there risk of coal shortages in the long term, owing to the challenging project development and investment environment? Does the current shortage situation tell us anything about that longer term risk?

Your Presenter:



James Stevenson
Executive Director, Coal, Metals & Mining
McCloskey by OPIS


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